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AI-managed marketing software. Equals3's Lucy software helps people automate marketing campaigns by combining a variety of data sources and collecting additional information on the people involved to more effectively target them. Their software also builds personality profiles of people in their database based on data from a variety of sources. They appear to be working with the Democratic Party in Alaska because in 2017 they accidentally posted TargetSmart's data on Alaskan voters online

10x Psychometrics


A psychometrics consulting company founded by a professor who did a PhD studying OCEAN (five factor) personality models. It is unclear what industries they work in.

Tasty Data


TastyData seems to have removed their Twitter, LinkedIn, and website around the time the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. They allowed companies to analyze and monitor social media profiles in real time and then used IBM's personality insights service to build psychological profiles. This service "uses linguistic analysis to extract cognitive and social characteristics from input text such as email, text messages, tweets, forum posts, and more."<br />In addition to their political work, Tasty Data appears to have worked on the prediction of electricity prices in Mexico.


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