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AggregateIQ makes campaign management software, including tools for managing outreach campaigns and voter databases. Most notably, they created Ripon as part of a contract with SCL Group, which was used as a database for Ted Cruz's campaign. They also built software for automating advertising campaigns. Upguard found AggregateIQ's Gitlab repository online in March 2018 and published a series of articles analyzing their software and clients.

Cambridge Analytica


A data-driven political marketing company that worked on many different campaigns around the world. Cambridge Analytica uses data from a variety of sources combined with psychological profiles and surveys to target advertisements. It has been at the center of recent scandals due to the misuse of Facebook data when working on the Trump campaign.<br />An undercover investigation revealed that in some cases they may conceal their involvement in elections with front companies/partner companies or use more dubious tactics such as bribery and honey traps. Cambridge Analytica was also working on a cryptocurrency to enable people to sell their data to advertisers.<br />Due to a series of scandals, Cambridge Analytica and many of its associated companies were closed. However, Cambridge Analytica is far from unique and many other companies use similar techniques and data.


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