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Psicología Política


Offers a range of services including assisting with surveys, literature review, speech writing, and building profiles using "las técnicas utilizadas por los organismos de inteligencia nacionales para construir perfiles psicológicos de los jefes extranjeros, dirigentes nacionales y líderes estatales."<br />The founder describes his work as follows: "As a behavioural and political scientist I offer customised experimental behavioural research, demographic segmentation, and strategic communications advice to understand public opinion, consumer and voter behaviour, and adherences to both political parties and commercial brands. My consultancy services focus on the emotional and psychological mechanisms behind human behaviour to develop effective policies and clear political messages to your constituents, electors, and target audiences."

Tasty Data


TastyData seems to have removed their Twitter, LinkedIn, and website around the time the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. They allowed companies to analyze and monitor social media profiles in real time and then used IBM's personality insights service to build psychological profiles. This service "uses linguistic analysis to extract cognitive and social characteristics from input text such as email, text messages, tweets, forum posts, and more."<br />In addition to their political work, Tasty Data appears to have worked on the prediction of electricity prices in Mexico.


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