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Impact Analysis - DSPolitical


Impact Analysis DSPolitical is proud to release Pinpoint to our clients; a one-question survey tool that can be used for ad testing or measuring public opinion. While traditional survey methods are plagued by high costs and low response rates, Pinpoint offers campaigns a better option. The tool inserts a horserace question or a Likert Scale into a 30 second video ad targeted to the exact universe of desired respondents. If a user opts to answer the question, they are able to skip the 30 seco...

Reaching Custom Audiences - DSPolitical


Instant Custom Audiences DSPolitical partners with five different data onboarders allowing the match of offline data to online cookies and mobile device IDs. Any offline file of voters, supporters, or customers can be instantly pushed and matched in order to serve ads to the universe. By matching against multiple data onboarders and combining the data in our Data Management Platform, we are able to achieve unprecedented reach and scale across our client’s custom audience lists. Membership M...

Reaching Constituents - DSPolitical


Digital Franking Communicate with your constituents by leveraging the best data-driven targeting science and reach your constituents online in real time with DSPersuasion’s digital franking network. Constituent communication can now be more than a one-way conversation. Build a dynamic and ongoing relationship with your constituents to keep them informed of the work being done on their behalf in Washington. Approved by the House Franking Commission The House Franking Commission has approved...


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