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The AggregateIQ Files, Part Three: A Monarch, A Peasant, and a Saga


In Part One of this series, “The AggregateIQ Files,” we explained how the UpGuard Cyber Risk Team’s discovery of a publicly downloadable data repository operated by British Columbia-based data firm AggregateIQ (AIQ) exposed technical tools used for political operations around the world, including the presidential campaign of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). In Part Two, we explored how the exposed repository shed light on AIQ’s work in the United Kingdom involving a number of organizations, including...

A GOP voter-targeting firm was doing massive data analysis on Reddit - The Verge


Publication Date: 2017-06-19
A conservative analytics firm apparently scraped a huge trove of Reddit data as part of its voter-targeting efforts. As reported by Gizmodo, GOP-contracted company Deep Root Analytics accidentally put a folder titled “reddit” on a publicly accessible web server along with other internal records, which cyber risk analyst Chris Vickery discovered last week. It contains 170GB of data from several subreddits, but no indication of how Deep Root might be using the information. The subreddits in qu...


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