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Numbers lie all the time: How political polls work - TechRepublic


Joey: You don't know what these numbers told you. I'm an expert, and I don't know what these numbers just told you. Josh: Numbers don't lie. Joey: They lie all the time. Numbers lie all the time. Yet the business of numbers is big business. Big data helps companies make better decisions by extracting key insights from piles of information. Polling does the same for politics. And like big data for business, though results can be ambiguous and notoriously hard to interpret, polls are essent...

Election tech: Lies, damned lies, and statistics - TechRepublic


Getty Images/iStockphoto "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Benjamin Disraeli A bitter cold wind whipped the proud flag around a pole as steely gray as the New Hampshire winter sky. "He can't win," she said on condition of anonymity, "because his big data is nonexistent. Has no ground game. He has no get-out-the-vote operation." As canvassers and candidates trudged through the snow, we chatted in a cozy Manchester diner, anxiously waiting for early primary ...


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