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Numbers lie all the time: How political polls work - TechRepublic


Joey: You don't know what these numbers told you. I'm an expert, and I don't know what these numbers just told you. Josh: Numbers don't lie. Joey: They lie all the time. Numbers lie all the time. Yet the business of numbers is big business. Big data helps companies make better decisions by extracting key insights from piles of information. Polling does the same for politics. And like big data for business, though results can be ambiguous and notoriously hard to interpret, polls are essent...

How the Cambridge Analytica numbers don't stack up


Publication Date: 2018-03-26
The difference between what FEC records show and what SCL Elections declared as earned from Cambridge Analytica LLC per filed accounts raises important questions. In my last story about Cambridge Analytica, I suggested that where there are doubts, those charged with due diligence should “dig, dig and dig again.” That’s what I’ve been doing, piecing together the numbers as best I can from official sources. Last time out, I quoted from SCL Elections Ltd accounts, (PDF) where I noted: The Com...


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