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Text ENODO combines proven U.S. Intelligence Community techniques, a one of a kind population-centric methodology, and advanced
software applications to deliver unparalleled insight into complex social issues that impact our clients' operations. When integrated
with irregular warfare disciplines, our analysis provides accurate risk assessments and tailored engagement strategies that
enable our customers to engage local communities, mitigate risks, and direct resources more effectively to maximize returns.

Collection & Analysis:

ENODO's process begins by collecting data sets from
multiple sources including: national, regional, and local
news media outlets; academic reports and publications;
social media; and most importantly various human
networks on the ground. This source data is compiled,
filtered, and analyzed by software applications. The
result-accurate, in-depth, historical and contemporary
understanding of the political, religious, economic, and
ethnic dynamics within a particular country, region, or

Population-Centric Methodology:

ENODO then applies its proprietary, population-centric
methodology to delineate key issues and specific
complexities in a given population or target group. This
enables ENODO to uncover sentiments and narratives
that resonate with the greatest segments of a population.
Simultaneously, ENODO identifies the specific, basic
needs and true grievances. By understanding overarching
and specific challenges, risks, and opportunities that
reside within communities, ENODO sees the world
through the eyes of the population. The result is an
unparalleled comprehension of underling social tensions
that provide the opportunity to pinpoint and mitigate the
systemic drivers of instability or unrest.

Irregular Warfare Techniques:

What sets us apart from traditional risk analysis firms
is our ability to apply irregular warfare techniques
to our analytical process. Corporations are at times
unknowingly involved in conflicts with the communities
where they operate. ENODO recognizes this and offers
effective unconventional warfare and counterinsurgency
techniques to understand and win the hearts and minds
of the populations (communities) where they operate. By
taking an approach that focuses on communities, ENODO
delivers tools to help companies create and maintain
discreet, secure production environments.

The definition of ENODO is "to solve."

Our name and logo embody our enterprise: To solve the
complex social challenges that our clients face in today's

inter-connected world.

Engagement Strategies:

ENODO's unique process, population-centric methodology, intelligence
expertise, and irregular warfare techniques develop effective, culturally
attuned engagement and risk mitigation strategies. Our analyses,
strategies, and persistent monitoring enable companies to create and
maintain enduring stakeholder relationships with communities where
they operate. Incorporating ENODO's population-centric capabilities
into day-to-day operations facilitates the growth and development of
community networks over time. These community networks deliver
advanced warning against potential threats and safeguard against
production disruptions or stoppages, and personnel risks. The result-
avoiding negative impacts to production and the bottom line.

ENODO's business is to solve the complex social
problems our clients face, predict conflicts they will
likely encounter, and mitigate risk in any market so
they can maximize profits without being caught off-guard
by social instability.

Preventing local
community conflict
is a major element of
effective corporate
risk mitigation.




Societies are the convergent point for the majority of today's
risks. As investment in frontier markets expands, so do the risks
corporations face as they operate among local communities.
Unprecedented access to communication technologies and social
media enable communities to negatively impact companies'
activities through protests, litigation, and violence. ENODO
understands this and conducts population-centric analysis to solve
complex social problems in dynamic cultural environments. Our
approach and methodology develop a comprehensive understanding
of a communities' worldviews and experiences, which inform

development of

community-based risk
assessments, predictive
analysis and engagement
strategies that are
monitored near real-
time. We forecast risks
and opportunities in
and across any political,
economic, ethnic, or
religious environment
to advantage our client's


Know Your

Predict & Mitigate


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