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Audience Interconnect® for Agencies

With an ever-growing number of channels and TV viewing choices for consumers, it's
more important than ever to be able to rationalize your advertising spend and reduce
waste by targeting the right households at the place and time they are watching.
Audience Interconnect is a unified, easy to use tool that lets you partner with MVPDs
to define your target audiences and plan and measure your media campaigns.

I Why Choose Acxiom?

• Unparalleled matching capabilities to optimize first
and third party data sources
• Privacy leadership - a global leader for the ethical
use of data for over 45 years
• Data - InfoBase® and Personicx® are the industry
gold standard for segmentation and targeting, with a
solid reputation for accuracy and coverage
• Audience Interconnect platform

• Fast - Deduped counts in minutes, across formats
• User-friendly - Little to no training required
• Comprehensive - Define, plan, and report using a
unified platform

• Efficient - Plan and execute campaigns in a
fraction of the time it takes today (a few hours
versus days), saving time and lowering
processing expense

What agencies and MVPDs can partner to do
with Audience Interconnect:

• Define audience segments, develop household and
geo-penetration forecasts.

• Maximize reach by identifying the network, day, daypart
combinations that over-index for your segment.

• Create actionable, deduplicated reports — post-campaign,
cross-platform, reach-frequency

• Enable industry-specific solutions. Regardless of your
targeted audience, Audience Interconnect is the only
platform that enables segmentation using multiple data
sources through a single tool.

• Use a single tool for planning campaigns across
addressable, zone addressable and non-addressable
media as well as cross-platform campaigns across linear,
VOD and online.

How Audience Interconnect works:

1. Pre-Campaign Services and Execution

• Data Prep - Acxiom's AbiliTec® allows you to bring
together your online and offline customer and prospect
data and, using our Data Safe Haven, anonymize that
information in a privacy-compliant way to enable an
accurate single view of your customers.

• Segmentation - Use demographic and predictive data or
first-party data to define and rank your audience for both
addressable and non-addressable media.

• Media Planning - Identify how best to reach your
audience across media.

- For household-addressable media:

• Extract a segmented list of audience households
for privacy-compliant processing by ad ops for
campaign execution, including household-
addressable linear, VOD, online and iTV

- For network and spot (non-addressable) media:

• Inform ad buys that are broader, deeper, and more
effective for advertisers

• Geographically target based on ZIP Code, ad sales
zone, DMA, or markets for local campaigns

2. Post-Campaign Reporting (dashboard)

• Ad reach, frequency, impressions

• Optimization reporting - Identify most effective
networks and dayparts

• Media performance - Measure actual target
audience reach

How Audience Interconnect benefits you:

• Reduces time needed to research and build campaigns —
by as much as 30 percent.

• Lowers processing time (and costs) via a single user
interface to all data sources used for segmentation
and targeting.

• Allows flexible scenario media planning across channels.

• Helps improve campaign ROI by identifying long-tail
opportunities that match campaign needs.

■ • Optimizes campaigns across formats and for household-
addressable and non-addressable media.

• Provides daily reporting to enable immediate adjustments
to ad placement.

• Makes it easy to reuse segments over time.

Analytics support

Our team of professional analytic consultants can assist you in
increasing ad sales opportunities by providing ad hoc analysis
services such as refining viewership and household (HH) data
into interpretable media dimensions and metrics for viewership
analysis, cross-channel viewership video consumption, media
measurement, campaign management and execution, and ad
sales optimization strategies.

Want to know more?

To find out how Acxiom can help
your business, visit acxiom.com
or call us at 888.3acxiom.


601 E. Third Street, P.O. Box 8190, Little Rock, AR 72203-8190



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