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Acxiom Audience Cloud™

Build and get counts for hyper-targeted audiences that can be quickly distributed to top
publishers, social platforms and programmatic platforms.

Audience Cloud is a self-service tool that makes it easy to search and access third-party data and then expertly build,
size, segment and distribute audiences to any platform.

Smarten Your Marketing Spend and Increase ROI

With complete privacy compliance and industry-leading Acxiom technology, Audience Cloud empowers media buyers,
campaign planners and marketers to deliver relevant messaging to the right audiences, making 1:1 consumer connections
a reality across channels and platforms.

Easily manage all your audiences, and create new campaigns at the touch of a button. Get counts in real time for
hyper-targeted audiences. Refine with details that enable you to reach consumers with relevance and specificity. If you
need to reach “affluent couples without children who have a high propensity for luxury cars and are active investors,”
you are only a few steps away. With Audience Cloud’s intuitive dashboard interface, you can quickly and easily create,
size and distribute your audiences to the right destination.

A First of Its Kind Cross-Channel Audience Management Tool

• Self-serve registration

• Access to Acxiom’s robust demographic and predictive data

• 45+ years of Acxiom data management expertise

• World-class AbiliTec® recognition technology so you can accurately recognize the right consumer
across the digital ecosystem

• On-demand audience sizes for planning — the most extensive reach in the industry

• Distributed audiences available in as little as an hour

Quick and easy steps to Audience Cloud

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With Audience Cloud, you can access verified third-party data sets. Establishing your own parameters, you can then use
segment overlaps to quickly achieve the right number for your audience and improve efficiencies for your campaigns.

Audience Cloud gives you quick and easy access to audiences such as:

Affluent Couples without Children • Affluent Homeowners • Affluent Parents • Affluent Parents
of Teens • Affluent Moms of Young Children • Affluent Seniors • Affluent Single Men • Affluent
Single Women • Affluent Travelers • Moms with Big Families • Concert Goers • Dieters •
DIYers • Family Travelers • Fashionistas • Fitness Warriors • Gadget Hobbyists • Health
Enthusiasts • Highly Affluent • Low-Calorie Cooks • Luxury Fashionistas • Moms of College
Students • Moms of Elementary Schoolers • Moms of High Schoolers • Moms of Middle
Schoolers • Motorcycle Tourists • Music Buyers • Music Device Buyers • Online Moms •
Parents for the First Time • Parents of Infants to Toddlers • Snow Ski Vacationers • Soccer
Moms • Video Gamers • Wireless Device Fans

Leading in privacy and security

Acxiom is a pioneer and leader in protecting consumer privacy through compliance, ethical relationships,
awareness, education, accuracy and security, as well as consumer notice, access and choice. Acxiom has the
expertise, product investment and technology focus to connect audiences across different data sets, channels,
devices and applications. No one else can even come close to providing this level of accuracy and reach.

Get started

For more information about Acxiom Audience Cloud, or to speak to one of our
representatives, visit acxiom.com/dataguru or contact dataguru@acxiom.com.


601 E. Third Street, P.O. Box 8190, Little Rock, AR 72203-8190



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