Title TargetSmart – Voter File 2.0

Text Voter File 2.0 Maximize your online advertising effectiveness through high precision targeting and message delivery.

About Voter File 2.0

Marking a quantum leap forward in the political digital advertising toolset, TargetSmart has partnered with dozens of digital and addressable television media companies. We match our market-leading national voter file and powerful predictive political models directly to individual and household-level subscriber databases. This one-to-one match allows you to target political audiences directly, in a “cookie-less”, device-agnostic way that maximizes the effectiveness of your online advertising.

While the core power of Voter File 2.0 lies in the one-to-one matching with our premier partners, we are also fully integrated and matched with cookie ‘onboarders’ to push our segments through to the most popular DSP’s and trading desks.

Voter File 2.0 offers one-to-one matching with 20 of the world’s largest media providers including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Verizon, AOL, & Comcast.

Voter File 2.0 provides the ability to easily advertise across multiple media platforms while getting reporting back from a single source.

With robust, analytical reporting capabilities, Voter File 2.0 provides greater insights into return on investment calculations for campaign optimization.

Voter File 2.0 offers unprecedented targeting and media placement options for digital directors, campaign managers, and digital advertising firms.

More Info About Voter File 2.0

TargetSmart has delivered standardized political segments to each of our media partners, with a combination of partisan and turnout predictors to provide for robust political targeting and nearly instant accessibility across the most popular media outlets. Additionally, custom audiences can be created, by working with TargetSmart’s team and your media partners to develop highly-targeted campaigns to very specific target audiences.

Due to the proprietary nature of VoterBase, agencies must be approved to buy media using Voter File 2.0. The process is simple and fast. Once approved, there is no need for any direct involvement with TargetSmart. You can buy media through your normal channels with your existing media relationships just as you always have.


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