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Text IntelliBase The most invaluable collection of data-driven voter and consumer insights available.

About IntelliBase

IntelliBase is an invaluable marketing resource; containing the demographic, financial, and lifestyle information of more than 200 million consumers in the United States. IntelliBase’s accurate and actionable data empowers clients with the ability to strategically target voters and consumers during political and direct marketing campaigns. When used in conjunction with TargetSmart’s political data, Intellibase provides an even deeper level of data with which to understand constituents.

IntelliBase provides clients with market-leading consumer data that has been linked to TargetSmart’s national voter file. This connection between consumer profiles and voter data delivers unparalleled levels of insight; providing access to the consumer and lifestyle choices of millions of registered and unregistered targets.

Containing thousands of data points, IntelliBase offers clients a valuable research tool with which to create or commission their own predictive models.

IntelliBase helps identify the prospects most likely to respond to both traditional and digital marketing; helping marketers to retain, cross-sell, and up-sell to their clients as well as target new clients with ideal messaging.their existing and prospective clients.

IntelliBase provides additional insight to campaigns and organizations that strive to better understand their constituents and their likely behavior.

More Info About IntelliBase


TargetSmart sources its IntelliBase consumer data from a variety of public and private sources, including real estate property records, telephone directories, license data, surveys, product purchases, and more.

By the numbers. A sample of the valuable data IntelliBase contains:

142,000,000 – Total households

85,000,000 – Total confirmed homeowners

23,000,000 – Total millionaires (based on net worth)

48,000,000 – Total households living with less a net worth of less than 25K

3,000,000/9,000,000 – Total individuals holding fishing and hunting licenses

27,000,000 – Total small business owners

87,000,000 – Total landline telephone numbers

98,000,000 – Total opt-in consumer email addresses

Data Quality

By the numbers:

Four – The number of national updates to IntelliBase each year

15% – The percentage of duplicate consumer records that are identified and removed


IntelliBase provides powerful targeting data for any marketer – ranging from key demographics such as household income, marital status, presence of children, and ethnicity, to powerful financial variables such as discretionary income, net worth, and current home value. IntelliBase turns prospects into clients and clients into advocates.


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