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Text ElectionBase The most accurate, comprehensive, and actionable database of historic election results on the market.

About ElectionBase

ElectionBase contains precinct-level election results from the past three election cycles, making it the most actionable database of historic election results in existence. ElectionBase is an essential campaign planning and budgeting tool as well as a key targeting resource for political professionals. ElectionBase reveals what it takes to win and provides powerful insights into the electorate.

ElectionBase is the most refined election history database on the market, with detailed election results available at the precinct level for elections dating back to 2010.

ElectionBase provides insight into previous elections, helping campaigns and organizations analyze trends and guide their decision-making process when targeting particular voters or geographies.

ElectionBase serves as a great tool for companies and academic institutions that strive to better understand voting trends in the United States.

ElectionBase is entirely matched to VoterBase at the individual level, making it unique in its ability to provide a level of targeting previously unavailable to many campaigns.

More Info About ElectionBase


TargetSmart sources its election results data directly from state and county election authorities, and then matches those results to VoterBase, our national voter file. The merger of voter and election result data creates a vital campaign tool.

By the numbers:

170,000 – Number of precincts reporting for the 2012 & 2014 elections.

30 – Number of different types of candidate election results collected at the presidential, statewide, congressional, state legislative, and local level.

160 – Number of different ballot initiatives, referendums, and amendment elections collected and standardized at the precinct level nationwide.

7,000,000 – Number of census blocks the election results in which ElectionBase has intelligently disaggregated the votes to provide a highly accurate snapshot of past elections, even as political geographies and the electorate change over time.

8,000,000 – Number of ‘drop-off’ voters* *Voters who vote at the top of the ballot (i.e. – presidential election) but do not vote on state or local candidates or issues.

Data Quality

Precincts change. Voters move around the country. These are two key challenges in building an accurate snapshot of election results over time. But TargetSmart’s unique process establishes a clear and consistent view of election outcomes and overcomes these challenges.

Precinct Changes – By integrating the election results with our voter database build process, we are able to monitor and maintain accurate precinct results, even as precincts change and new precincts are established.

Movers – With more than 45 million residential address changes each year, the electorate looks vastly different today than it did in the past. By tracking these movers and connecting their votes to their records, we are able to create a more accurate view of how they will vote in the next election. Because we maintain a current address for the vast majority of those voters, we are also able to also carry along their election results.


Election results are published at the precinct level, but elections are held at different geographic levels. TargetSmart ‘s revolutionary process disaggregates precinct-level election results and assigns votes cast at an individual voter level. This approach allows us to create highly accurate aggregates of election results – at any geography.

ElectionBase is the only geographic election database presented on current electoral geographies. That means we can take historic election results and match them to our clients’ current precinct boundaries.


Often times, the best way to present data is visually. With our data visualization toolset, we’ve combined our election base, voter base and other geographic data sets into interactive custom dashboards. Clients are able to view election results at all kinds of geographic levels around the country.


ElectionBase data is critical for redistricting and reapportionment. It is more accurate and more comprehensive than any data ever used for this process. ElectionBase is disaggregated to the census block level and ready-made for census data. As soon as the Census Bureau publishes the next PL94 dataset, we are able to match historic election results with new boundaries nearly instantaneously.


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