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Unparalleled Global Consumer Insights

Understand and Engage
Consumers Everywhere by
Leveraging the World's Best Data

Understand and Engage Consumers Everywhere
by Leveraging the World's Best Data

Marketers looking to deliver exceptional experiences need exceptional
insights and data. Exceptional data provides the window into truly
knowing and understanding audience needs, wants and preferences.

• Engage Audiences Across Digital and Offline Channels

• Enhance Understanding of Audiences

• Power More Relevant Engagement and Experiences

• Enable Acquisition, Upsell & Cross-Sell and Retention Efforts

• Build Long-Term Loyalty and Value

• Fuel More Robust Analysis & Predictive Analytics

Acxiom provides the most comprehensive, global suite of consumer insights in the market,
harnessing data about real people across the most sources of data to power audience targeting and
people-based marketing.

Acxiom’s consumer data and insights illuminate all marketable consumers and enable brands to
engage and personalize experiences across digital and offline channels. Whether leveraging data for
understanding audiences, building digital and offline lists, isolating contact touchpoint data
or appending insights to known or anonymous audiences, Acxiom’s broad suite of offerings helps
brands succeed.

Acxiom Consumer Data

With more than 45 years of
data expertise, Acxiom has
perfected the process to ingest,
clean, match and enhance
omnichannel datasets at scale
in a privacy-compliant way.

Our broad portfolio of
offerings enable people-based
engagements everywhere across
a wide spectrum of use cases,
from simple to very sophisticated.
Acxiom’s full scope of data and
insights covers the globe with
reach of 2.5 billion addressable
consumers across APAC, EMEA
and the Americas overall.

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Understand and Engage Consumers Everywhere
by Leveraging the World's Best Data



The most accurate and powerful third party descriptive & touchpoint data on 250
million addressable consumers to enhance and reach U.S. audiences.

INFOBASE® is the largest collection of U.S. consumer information available in one source. InfoBase provides
the most accurate and comprehensive consumer insights and data with more than 1,500 attributes
representing 100% of marketable U.S. consumers and households. It offers unprecedented detail, accuracy
and coverage, combined with more tools and features to help brands get the most out of their data.

Increases the accuracy
and predictive power of
marketing efforts

response rates

marketing costs

Consumer Insights

Leverage InfoBase Enhancement to append consumer descriptive data and InfoBase Suppression to honor
consumer choice and industry-mandated opt outs and identify suppression audiences such as minors or
deceased for more accurate audience analysis, insights, and targeting.

Geospatial Insights

Use InfoBase Geospatial Data to power location analysis, market-level research, planning, and execution of
successful marketing campaigns.


Leverage InfoBase Consumer Lists, the premier source of marketable names and addresses for digital and
offline customer acquisition in the U.S including Real Property Lists, New Borrowers, New Homeowners, New
Movers, and more.

Touchpoint Data

Access the world’s most accurate and powerful touchpoint data via InfoBase Mobile & Phone and InfoBase
Email for current email, telephone and address information to support omnichannel engagement.


INDIVIDUAL DEMOGRAPHICS: age, gender, ethnicity, education, occupation HOUSEHOLD CHARACTERISTICS: household size, number/ages of children FINANCIAL: income ranges, net worth, economic stability LIFE EVENTS: marriage/divorce, birth of children, home purchase, moves
sports, leisure ACTIVITIES: community travel, automotive,
activities, family, pets, products bought, involvement, real property,
entertainment method of payment causes, gaming technology

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Understand and Engage Consumers Everywhere
by Leveraging the World's Best Data


Premier audience insights that combine
unique behavioral data sources with
powerful predictive analytics for actionable
targeting and messaging.

Acxiom Predictive Audiences
Acxiom Audience PROPENSITIES® are market leading
behavioral and attitudinal indicators based on known,
actionable information and tied to shopping intent,
attitudinal data, media behavior, etc., to accurately
predict brand affinity and preferences, in-market
interests and timing, and media viewing habits.
Thousands of prebuilt propensity models from
both Acxiom and trusted partners are available
for immediate use, requiring little configuration.
They provide rich insights into a consumer’s likelihood
to respond, convert and remain loyal, as well as
preferences for certain channels.

Audience Propensities are designed to address the
distinct nuances of a wide range of industries.

Rooted in multidimensional insights from syndicated
data partner relationships, Acxiom’s models are
superior to other approaches that rely on a single
attribute or attitudinal indicator. With statistical
confidence, Audience Propensities help predict
answers to the most important marketing questions:

Who has affinity
for my brand?


Over 3,500 prebuilt
audience predictors

300+ Automotive industry
propensities including brand affinities,
accessories, and packages

500+ CPG propensities including
consumable food & beverage
preferences, pet products &
beauty supplies.

200+ Insurance propensities
including brand preference for auto,
property, life and health and
channel propensities

200+ Investment Services attributes
including assets, retirement savings
and affinity for investing

900+ Retail propensities including
purchase behavior, shopping
propensities and brand affinities

Which channels and products
are likely to be shopped?

Who is in the
market now?

150+ Technology category
propensities including mobile wallet
interests, consumer electronics brand
affinities, wearables attitudes and
behavior and media usage

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Understand and Engage Consumers Everywhere
by Leveraging the World's Best Data

Partner Predictive Audiences

Acxiom Partner Predictive Audiences unlock data driven marketing opportunities by providing uniquely
insightful behavioral and attitudinal indicators developed in partnership with select data providers. These
solutions provide deep “always on” access to current behavioral and attitudinal data including product-
level purchasing, retail spend, content consumption across channels, interests and lifestyles for brands
seeking to fine tune their people-based engagements. Omnichannel partner audiences are built leveraging
Acxiom’s leading Identity Graph combined with Acxiom’s InfoBase data, offering a powerful predictive data
foundation that results in actionable insights to drive marketing engagement strategy and messaging.

A Few of Our Partner Audience Offerings



Travel, hotel, entertainment, and retail spend behavioral insights

CROSSIX Health and wellness behavioral and attitudinal insights

"jumpshot Mobile app and attitudinal insights

dish Linear TV and OTT viewership insights

ffioth/6S Motivational insights

Ninth Mobile device location and location context insights

share Content consumption and social sharing insights

Restaurant dining behavioral insights

Acxiom's privacy-by-design data processing approach uses the Acxiom Safe Haven® framework
for partner audience creation services to ensure ethical use of data in our product development.

All other trademarks and service marks mentioned herein are property of their respective owners.

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Understand and Engage Consumers Everywhere
by Leveraging the World's Best Data




Market leading muiti-dimensionai consumer segmentation solutions for consumer
analysis, personalization and engagement.

PERSONICX® is a syndicated segmentation and visualization suite available with global reach. While
the flagship Consumer Lifestage system is fine-tuned by country for optimal performance, the U.S.
version leverages key demographics to group households with similar consumer behaviors into one of
70 segments within 21 life-stage groups. The expansive U.S. suite includes five specialized systems
centered on key use cases:



Whether used alone or together, all systems allow marketers to organize customers and prospects based
on their demographics, socio-economics and essential buying behaviors to support key use cases:

• Customer segmentation for executing effective marketing strategy and tactics

• Robust audience portrait creation for deeper understanding of consumers and their likely in-market

• Omnichannel audience definition and targeting for coordinated acquisition, upsell & cross-sell, and
retention programs across digital and offline platforms

• Creation of more relevant messages, content and customer experiences

Only Personicx is built from the most accurate and complete data available at the actual household
and individual level. All systems are linked to globally renowned syndicated survey sources, providing
rich insights into thousands of attitudes, interests and behaviors without the expense of conducting
your own primary research. The Personicx advantage provides marketers with the greatest
differentiation and predictive power for segmenting consumers. Bring in your own customer data for
customized segments, and you’ll have unprecedented multidimensional insights for an undeniable
competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Understand and Engage Consumers Everywhere
by Leveraging the World's Best Data




Powerful data enablement platforms to build, deliver and connect audience data
anywhere across digital and offline channels.


Acxiom Audience Cloud is an industry first. It is a web-based, self-service tool that makes it easy to
search and access vital third-party consumer data to expertly build, size, and segment custom audiences
using demographic and predictive data. It then enables the rapid distribution of these audiences to all the
top publishers, social networks, and programmatic platforms in a completely privacy-compliant way.

k First of Its Kind Cross-Channel J Audience Management Tool
Hyper-Targeted Audiences On-Demand
A Massive Ecosystem of Audience Integrations

Access Acxiom’s 45+ years of data and identity resolution expertise in a
completely self-serve way. It’s so efficient that audiences can be developed,
analyzed and ready to distribute digitally or offline in less than an hour.

Use Audience Cloud’s highly intuitive dashboard to establish and manage
finely tuned audiences with ease. Get real-time counts. Use details to refine
counts based on relevancy and specificity. Improve results.

Distribute to more than 500 partners to activate your audiences across the
most online channels at the touch of a button - with new integrations added
regularly through the LiveRamp Data Store.

Acxiom’s Data Services API offers plug and play API providing direct, real-time access to Acxiom Identity
Resolution and third-party data for integration into marketing and other technology platforms.




Acxiom enables the world’s most recognizable brands with data and identity solutions that accurately
identify, reach and engage customers across APAC, EMEA, and the Americas.




Whether pulling a digital or offline audience list or appending data to known or anonymous audiences
using mobile ID, or IP address, Acxiom delivers rich insights across the full consumer data spectrum.
Acxiom’s deep expertise in data quality, managing postal addresses, appending data and providing
consumer lists means marketers can confidently continue to include direct mail in their overall marketing
strategies as well as activate audiences digitally across the digital ecosystem.

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Understand and Engage Consumers Everywhere
by Leveraging the World's Best Data




Acxiom’s team of advanced-degree data scientists focuses on the creative use of advanced analytic
techniques to develop innovative data assets and insight solutions intended for the entire marketing
ecosystem at scale.

Evaluate, integrate, and curate
^ the world’s data to unlock
actionable insight

Collaborate with clients and
partners to extract value from data

Provide strategic decision support
^ throughout the entire business
insight lifecycle

• Use data discovery to identify relevant opportunities and
inform overall business strategy

• Develop proprietary data assets for scalable application
across industries and channels

• Design and implement solutions that support your
business strategy

• Create insights and monetization opportunities

• Evangelize people-based audience investment & media optimization

• Produce omnichannel pre-campaign & post-campaign
measurement solutions





Most accurate omnichannel
identity resolution

Largest identity graph for
omnichannel marketing


Largest data governance
and ethics program


Exceptional service delivery
and client retention

100% deterministic
digital and offline matching

Broadest access to all the
world’s data

Most advanced Safe Haven
data environments

99% of distributions are
within SLA targets

• TO LEARN MORE about Acxiom Global Data please visit

us at www.acxiom.com or email us at info@acxiom.com



Major Offices: Austin • Boston • Chicago • Little Rock • London • Munich • New York • Paris
Philadelphia • Redwood City • San Francisco • Shanghai • Singapore • Sydney • Tokyo • Warsaw

acxiom.com • info@acxiom.com • 1.888.3acxiom

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